Sun RoomsA sample of our Work

A perfect addition to any home

A sunroom or conservatory from Harvest Energy our sister company will expand your home, add fantastic value and ensure you’re the envy of your neighbours, family and friends!Wecan design, manufacture and install bespoke sunrooms and conservatories to fit a range of requirements and aim to be as flexible as possible with customisation. We can offer a uPVC construction complete with reinforced windows and doors to keep your construction safe and long-lasting.


What will you use yours for?

Depending on the size of your sunroom or conservatory, it will come with a world of potential. Whether you use yours for a lounging area, dining space, library or just a plant room, there is no end to the list of uses for a sunroom. They can be pleasant suntraps in the summer, or an insulated spot to relax in during the winter.

Benefits of a sunroom or conservatory

Harvest Energy sunrooms and conservatories are a brilliant attachment to any home and offer a wealth of potential. The sunrooms we install are durable, long-lasting and secure against any potential intruders to your property. They can act as a buffer to your home that – when combined with a porch in the front – ensure your property is as secure as it could be. The other key benefits of our sunrooms include:

  • Brilliant addition of value
  • Fantastic customisation options
  • Available for bespoke construction
  • Adds space to your home

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